The development history of Gaosheng.

  • -1982-

    ·The company was established in 1982.

  • -1992-

    ·In 1992, the first R&D center of office swivel chair was established in China.

  • -2000-

    ·In 2000, established Nuogao Product Testing Center An international standard testing center has been established, which strictly controls every link such as incoming material testing and finished product testing to ensure that every product delivered to customer is safe, environmental and reliable.

  • -2001-

    ·In 2001, won the silver award of “Office Furniture” in the first International Dragon Home Exhibition.

  • -2004-

    ·In 2004, obtained the international certification, ISO9000 quality management system certification and ISO1400 environmental management system certification.

  • -2005-

    ·In 2005, the business scope gradually expanded. The business items of the product include board office furniture, board apartment furniture, modern upholstered furniture, office seat furniture, solid wood furniture and so on.

  • -2006-

    ·In 2006, the company bought land to develop industrial park plant covering an area of 200 mu. A modern production base with independent property rights has been established.

  • -2007-

    ·In 2007, EPR system went online. The enterprise has realized advanced and efficient information management mode.

  • -2008-

    ·In 2008, was appointed as the first council member of Foshan Furniture Association.

  • -2009-

    ·In 2009, won the 23rd China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (Office Furniture Exhibition) best functional innovation award - GS1660 chair.

  • -2010-

    ·In 2010, served as executive director of Guangzhou Furniture Association.

  • -2011-

    ·In 2011, built a large-scale product exhibition center. In order to better meet the needs of market development, we have set up large-scale product exhibition certers in Longjiang and Lecong.

  • -2015-

    ·In 2015, established “Nuogao Chair”, the registered capital increased from 20 million to 80.5 million.