Gao Sheng (Nuogao) in monitoring product quality attaches great importance to environmental protection.

As a professional lifting seat manufacturer, Gaosheng (Nuogao) has always paid great attention to environmental protection. In the production process, Gaosheng adheres to the GRS material standard and uses recyclable materials for production. At present, we have entered the research and development stage of substitutability of degradable materials, and strive to achieve the effect of minimizing environmental impact. Our ultimate goal is to do our best to protect the ecological environment of the earth and create a beautiful home for the earth ecology.

Strict Monitoring

In order to ensure that the chemical components of the products meet the international environmental protection standards, we have reached a long-term cooperation strategy with the third party international standard companies (SGS, BV, etc.) to increase the periodic sampling and inspection of the material manufacturers, carry out regular and irregular random sampling and chemical testing, and realize strict monitoring and control of every link in the production of raw and auxiliary materials.  To prevent the phenomenon of cheating the number in the production process of raw and auxiliary materials, and to eliminate the occurrence of cases of unqualified materials mixed with other standards.

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Quality Control

Gaosheng Company through international standard company chemical inspection to do a strict quality control, its products have also passed a number of different national safety standards test, and obtained the relevant test certificate. Examples include the European Union 1335 standard, the U.S. BIFMA standard, and the Japanese JIS standard.

The wood used in Gaosheng (Nuogao) seats is purchased through the supplier with FSC-EUTR qualification certification. Gaosheng responds to the international slogan with its own actions and adheres to its original intention as always to produce high-quality standard seats.

FSC Membership System

At present, the global forest problem is becoming more and more prominent: forest area is decreasing, forest degradation is intensifying.  Forest resources are declining in quantity (area) and quality (ecosystem diversity), and even some consumers in Europe and the United States refuse to buy wood products without proof of legal origin.  At a 1990 conference in California, representatives from consumers, timber trade groups, environmental and human rights groups agreed on the need to create an honest and credible system for identifying well-managed forests as acceptable sources of forest products, Hence the creation of the FSC-Forest Stewardship Council.  The main tasks of the FSC are to: evaluate, authorize and supervise certification bodies, and provide guidance and services for the development of national and regional certification standards;  Enhance national forest certification and forest sustainable management capacity through education, training and demonstration activities.  Gaosheng starts from itself and selects wood suppliers strictly.  It has passed FSC certification and is honored to be one of the members of FSC membership system.

GRS Certification

While talking about FSC certification, we also want to talk about another content of environmental protection: GRS certification.  Certifications Global Recycling Standards, referred to as GRS, are International Control Union Certifications.  Certifications It is an international certification for product integrity, and for the enforcement of supply chain manufacturer restrictions on product recycling, chain of custody control, recycled ingredients, social responsibility and environmental practices, and chemicals.  The goal of GRS certification is to ensure that the claims made on the relevant products are correct and that the products are manufactured in good working conditions with minimal environmental impact and chemical impact.  Application for GRS certification is subject to Traceability, Environmental, Social responsibility, Label and General Principles.  Gaosheng follows the GRS certification standard and implements GRS standard material procurement for textile suppliers.  Through the implementation of this standard, Gaosheng enterprises have five significant roles:

  • 1. Improve the market competitiveness of "green" and "environmental protection";
  • 2. Have standard identification of recycled materials;
  • 3. Strengthen the brand awareness of the enterprise;
  • 4. Can get global recognition, further explore the international market;
  • 5. The enterprise can be included in the purchasing list of international sellers quickly.

Gaosheng Test Center and international standard company joint efforts to form a systematic and formal quality control system.  From the source material to the finished product design, production, acceptance, link, strict quality.  In the future development, we will continue to improve our technology and management level, and further popularize the awareness of environmental protection in the enterprise and supply chain, to provide consumers with more environmental protection, high quality products.